New Butchery for Blue Pig in Settle

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Its no longer a Squash or a Squeeze for The Blue Pig Company.

The new Blue Pig Co. butchery is located between Booths Supermarket in Settle and Settle Fire Station. (just before the footpath to Lay of the Land)

If customers would like to collect their orders you no longer need a 4×4 to get to us!

Just call Andrew 07939117366 to arrange a time to collect as we are sometimes out delivering.

Christmas Orders

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Our deadline for receiving your Christmas orders this year is Sunday 17th December.

We can courier for arrival at your delivery address Tuesday-Friday until (22nd December 2017).

Our Gammon take a minimum of 3 weeks to cure so we usually sell out mid December and remove them from the web-site.

Please order now and enter your preferred delivery date in the comments box when you check out.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

75% Lean Pork Sausages

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All Blue Pig Company Sausages are made with a minimum lean pork content of 75%.

We think our customers prefer to buy actual pork rather than the assortment of fillers often used by other producers.

Check the lean meat content on your usual brand. It should be above 60% as a minimum.

A Fantastic Day at Askham Bryan College

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As the rain poured down at home in the Dales the Blue Pig Company attended Askham Bryan Colleges Lambing Sunday. Thankfully York stayed lovely and dry for the event which attracted plenty of visitors.

We had another great BBQ and  hope all our customers enjoyed their day. We will see you again at another event.

Blue Pigs Black Pudding

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The Blue Pigs Black Pudding is fast becoming one of our customers favourites.

We keep our spice mix to ourselves but are happy to divulge the odd secret.

Our black puddings are baked in the oven, in loaf tins, ready for you to grill, fry or bake.

By slowly baking rather than boiling, the pudding has a beautifully intense depth of flavour and a meaty texture.

The pudding is happy to be frozen for 3 months so you cooks don’t run out.

Pancetta wrapped King Prawns

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Wrap the prawns in  pancetta covering the prawn completely.

Use small wooden skewers or toothpicks to secure, or if your clever, tuck the pancetta in at the ends.

Season with a small amount of black pepper.

Warm up the griddle pan and cook until the pancetta is very crispy.

Dip in a sweet/chilli sauce of your choosing.


Pancetta makes any soup sensational

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A quick and easy winter to spring soup dish with extra bite.

Fry off 4 rashers of diced pancetta.
Remove from the pan and fry off a small onion and some garlic.
Dice a whole Celeriac and add to the pan.(you could add some celery for a sharper taste)
Use a good quality low salt vegetable or chicken stock to cover and simmer until soft.
Whiz it up until thick and smooth.
Season with a little black pepper.
Swirl in some cream.
Liberally scatter your pancetta.

You can replace the Celeriac with Peas for an even quicker soup.

There are so many recipes out there, each telling you a different quantity of ingredients, but always taste as you go along and create your own masterpiece.

Askham Bryan College-Lambing Sunday-BBQ

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The Blue Pig Co. will be returning to Askham Bryan College (York) 19th March 2017 for its popular Lambing Sunday event.

We will be offering Bacon/Sausage and Burgers sizzling hot straight from the BBQ between 10am-4pm.

See you there.

Blue Pig Black Pudding Scotch Egg

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 We are always looking for new ideas for cooking our products, after all that’s the whole point of making them. We contacted Richard the chef at The Craven Arms Giggleswick, a prodigious consumer of Blue Pig Black Pudding to see what he is currently doing.

The answer I am pleased to say is a black pudding scotch egg served with home made piccalli.

scotch egg

As a big supporter of local and seasonal food we would reccomend a meal at the Craven Arms, our black pudding travels less than two miles to get there! View their website at for more information and menus.

scotch egg 1

Time for tea now, I’ve got the sausage meat and black pudding, a hen has just walked past, but how do you make piccallili?…………..



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We thought you might like to see this. In some of the hilly bits of our farm we always get Harebells growing in late summer. This year there seems to have been a profusion of them for some reason. We would liked to have taken a long distance view of their drifts but the colour is such a pale and delicate blue it defeated the camera. This close up shows just how pale the blue is but in the flesh, as it were, they seemed to shimmer across the top of the grass.

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