Butterflied Leg – or shoulder – of pork

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We think we love the Guardian newspaper group as they have another pork recipe in the Observer. This time from Jeremy Lee. He calls for a butterflied leg, but we are sure shoulder would work too. Butterflied is to simply remove the skin, split the joint and remove the bone. We can do that for you if you wish. Jeremy also recommends the use of rare breed pig too – so more brownie points. The recipe cooks the joint on a griddle but we reckon you could equally manage in the oven. Once the pork is opened out and cooking it is dead simple really. Fry a few onions and assemble some herbs, mix with olive oil and anoint ( to use a very Guardian word ).

Jeremy says; “The delicacy of a thin slice of a fine piece of thoughtfully cooked meat is truly special.”

What more needs to be said?

Roast Shoulder of Pork from Hugh F-W

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We think the Guardian newspaper must be picking up our vibes as they have another excellent pork recipe. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall welcomes the late Easter as it will be warmer and you can dine in the open air. We would say he is a bit late as our children have already been on 2 picnics and been paddling in the river. That’s despite our spring being 3 or 4 weeks later than the gentle climes of rural Dorset. Hugh even complains about the weather in March but the usual driving rain stinging your face is one of life’s natural tonics.


Link through to The Guardian for the full recipe.


The Dales

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Adrian Edmondson in The Dales

Its always with slight trepidation that we watch anything on the telly about The Dales or farming. It seems that producers can sometimes miss the really important facts. We are its true never taken in by a glossy magazine style marketing campaign. Substance will always rule in the Yorkshire Dales. If it can be accompanied by some style, all the better.  Ade Edmondson is from Bradford so he shows a genuine love for the countryside.  If you have been watching his show on ITV about the Dales, the landscape looks as stunning as we know it to be. The programme has made the point that the Dales landscape is almost entirely man made especially by farmers.

Nearly everyone has heard of the Settle to Carlisle Railway – even though it starts at Mearbeck – and everyone admires the network of drystone walls. Ade showed how the walls were there to keep the sheep at home and not just to look pretty for the tourists. So we hope you have enjoyed the show and that you too can “eat the view” here at The Blue Pig Company.