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We thought you might like to see this. In some of the hilly bits of our farm we always get Harebells growing in late summer. This year there seems to have been a profusion of them for some reason. We would liked to have taken a long distance view of their drifts but the colour is such a pale and delicate blue it defeated the camera. This close up shows just how pale the blue is but in the flesh, as it were, they seemed to shimmer across the top of the grass.


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No we are not talking about either the dance or the relish. Although that might be more interesting. In this case SALSA stands for Safe And Local Supplier Approval. We have recently been “approved” by the SALSA scheme.

Essentially we now have a paper trail that shows how our production systems are safe and fully traceable. We can literally trace a sausage or slice of bacon right back to the pig they came from. We can show how we control all the risks that can occur during the production of the food we make. We know you can have death by acronym but the heart of it all are HACCPs – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. These describe in minute detail not only how we make things but also how we make them safe and wholesome. We also have full ingredient and allergen declarations.

This scheme is like an assurance scheme for business who would like to retail our products. But for us its more than that. It also shows we have gone the extra mile to make sure all Blue Pig products are are safe and wholesome for all our customers. Thats pretty fundamental for a food business and we believe it matters that we can show we care enough to be better than bog standard.

Kirkstall Deli Market

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Having been of the first 12 stalls at the new Kirkstall Deli Market in Leeds I thought blog readers might be interested to hear about how it’s progressed over the past four months.

The first market was held in May this year in a little courtyard down the side of the Abbey itself.

Since that first market it has grown to be a true deli market. It’s interestingly different from the usual farmers markets with food to eat there and then and lots of food you can taken home too. Held a little later than a usual farmers market, from 12noon to 3pm it means people come to relax, eat and meet friends. It has a convivial atmosphere and feels like there are people there for an afternoon out, especially families who come to explore and play in the ruins of the Abbey as part of their visit.

Rather then tell you how the market has developed here are a few photos taken at the first market in May and then some taken at August’s market:

Kirkstall Deli Market on 28th May 2011

Kirkstall Deli Market on 28th May 2011 2

And a couple photos from last week’s market. You can see how it’s grown and we’ve moved inside the Abbey walls too which gives the market a fairly impressive backdrop.

Kirkstall Deli Market on 27th August 2011 1

Kirkstall Deli Market on 27th August 2011

Kirkstall Deli Market is held on the last Saturday of every month from 12 noon to 3pm at Kirkstall Abbey
You can follow them on Twitter at @kirkstalldeli.

If you’ve been to the market we’d be interested to know what you thought in the comment below and don’t forget if you want us to bring your order with us just let us know via email or tweet @bluepigcompany¬†and we’ll bring it along for you.

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