Look for the "Blue Pig" label to know where your
tasty pork has been reared and produced...

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Ideal for wrapping around meats during cooking.


Beautiful grilled with pineapple or an egg.


Traditional Yorkshire black pudding.


Classic English dry cured ham.


Smoked Ham Hocks Dry cured and gently smoked over oak wood chips


Yorkshire Sausage


Treacle Bacon

Mearbeck Farm

Blu Pig Farm

Hello, we're Andrew and Anthony Bradley. We've farmed at Mearbeck Farm since the 1970's, prior to that our father and grandfather farmed at Mearbeck. Our family have been farming around Long Preston in North Yorkshire for five generations so farming and animal welfare runs in our blood. Read more

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Scotch Eggs aka Egg Devil / 08.09.2012

    We grew up looking at the Scotch egg as humble party or picnic food but apparently its origins are shrouded in mystery. Typically in the world of big beast retailers Fortnum and Mason claim to have invented them in 1738. They sold them as a portable snack for rich coach travellers. Scots themselves reckon it was the crofters equivalent of the Cornish pasty. That is to say it was a highly portable food for workers.    Britain has a long food heritage of pinching good food ideas from where ever they could so a Moghul dish of minced meat and a boiled egg - Nargisi Kofta - could easily ...Read more